2.5D Photograph animation This little project I created in one of the first lectures of my motion graphics module. This minuscule animation uses the 2.5D technique. This is where you separate the subject of the photograph from the background and in After Effects convert each layer to be in a 3D space then slightly move the subject away from the background to give a 3D effect. However it is not completely 3D that is why we call it 2.5D. For this exercise we also learnt how to manipulate text in a 3D space and lastly how to implement the fast blur effect. This exercise also taught us how to use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects together. The photograph is of my sister Emily.
I firstly put my photograph in Photoshop and separated Emily from the background and put her on a different layer. Then filled in the gap on the background using a combination of the clone tool and 'smart fill'.
I next imported the Photoshop layers in After Effects and converted them into a 3D space. Then I added a camera (little red box to the right of the white square - see below) Below is what the photograph looks like in a 3D space.
This is what the photograph looks like through the camera.
Here are all the keyframes for this animation. To be able to control the camera more easily I added a 'Null' object and parented the camera to it and named it 'Cam control' so that I would keyframe the 'Null' object.
The animation again.
Though this was only an exercise in a lecture I'm pleased with the techniques I learnt. I hope to be able to use these techniques again in the future.
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