3D Character Animation The brief for this project was to design and animate a 2D or 3D character. I chose 3D. The software I used to create this character and animation was Google Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. My final animation
The design progress As you can see from the animation above my character is an anthropomorphised camera. I chose to make my character an object instead of a robot or human type character as I wanted to try and be different. My inspiration came from the characters Lumiere and Cogsworth from the Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Here are my development sketches I started the design of my character in Google Sketchup.


As you can see my original plan was to have the tripod act as the legs of the character but when I got to animating it in Cinema 4D I found it very difficult. This was mainly due to my limited knowledge of the software. However if I were to do this again with more time I would like to animate the tripod as I feel it would give the character more depth.
After removing the tripod I began animating the character using Cinema 4D. Now that the character had no 'legs', I had to come up with another way it could move. I decided on bouncing, taking inspiration from Luxo the Pixar lamp.
After recording the animation I exported it to Adobe After Effects to put together the different shots.
To be able to make the eye blink I took the last frame from After Effects and placed it in Adobe Photoshop then filled in the eye in red then placed it back into After Effects as a still image at intervals at the end of the animation timeline to simulate blinking.
Here is the final animation - again
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