Englishness App This was a group project. We chose to create an app for the MP John Denham. Our brief was to create an app based on Englishness. Below I have collected everything that I contributed to the project and a link to the final outcome. Our idea was to create an app similar to Instagram and Pinterest where users will be able to upload images of what they perceive as being 'Englishness' and vote on other user's images.
Here is my first wire-frame to demonstrate how the app could be laid out. I used Adobe Illustrator.
Here is another set of wire-frames to show the layout of the app and how a user could progress through the app
My aim was to keep the usability of the app as simple as possible by keeping the layout and symbols universally recognisable.
When we came to creating the graphics for the app we divided up the pages between our designers. I was given the task of designing the login page and the photo upload page. Here is my design progression for the login page. I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


My final design for the login page. We named our app 'NotWot' as a play on words from the phrase 'What Not'. We decided to spell 'What' as 'Wot' to give a modern spin to the title. I took the facebook login button from Google images. The rest I used Illustrator and Photoshop. These are my final designs for the upload pages. I again used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The iOS keyboard (left) and photographs (right) were taken from Google images - I claim no ownership. Lastly below is the link to our finished web app. I sadly can take little credit for it as I did no coding for it and none of my actual graphics were used. http://www.dmd-winchester.org.uk/00-DMD16-STUDENTS/AlexDenleySpencer/notwot/index.php
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