Hyde 900 Hyde 900 was a group client project. The aim was to produce an app that would give visitors information about Hyde Abbey in Winchester. I joined this group in the capacity as photographer and animator. As the semester progressed I worked more autonomously on an animation that would show how Hyde Abbey would look like against the current day street where Hyde Abbey used to reside. To do this I merged a 3D model of Hyde Abbey and the current day street. The 3D model of the Abbey was already drawn by 3rd year student Toby Olding, this meant I needed to draw the current day street (King Alfred Place) to be able to merge it with Toby's model. I used Google Sketchup to draw King Alfred Place. I used Google Street View as a reference. Here are some screen grabs of the model in Sketchup:
I really wanted to be as detailed as possible with my model. I feel I could have been more detailed but due to time constraints I wasn't able to be. Everything you see in the model is drawn free hand by myself. The textures are a combination of in-built textures within Sketchup or imported JPEG images.
Once I completed the model I next needed to combine it with Toby's model of the Abbey. I originally wanted to do this with Cinema 4D but I had issues with importing my model and Toby's model into Cinema 4D. This was unexpected as I have imported Sketchup models into Cinema 4D before. Toby's model was an Autodesk Revit file and I had to import it into Sketchup, it didn't transfer brilliantly so I needed to patch it up a bit and re-apply the textures. Nevertheless I think the final look is acceptable.
To get the fading merge effect I wanted I had to export different 2D graphics from Sketchup. Ones with my model on its own and ones with the Abbey model on top of mine at exactly the same angle. Like this...
Once I exported all my 2D graphics I imported them into Adobe After Effects to start the animation. To get the effect of the Abbey emerging into the street I layered the 2D graphics and keyframed the opacity to slowly reveal the Abbey. Here is a couple of screen grabs from After Effects showing my working.
To finish the animation I slowly revealed the Hyde900 logo. Here is the final animation.
Despite not being able to use Cinema 4D I am pleased with what I have been able to achieve. If I have the chance I will try to reproduce this with Cinema 4D as I feel it would have a more professional look. Nevertheless as a first attempt I think it works well. For this project I also created a loading screen animation to be incorporated within the final app my group was developing. I'm not sure if it was used as after I created this I started working more independently. Here is a screen grab of the loading screen animation in After Effects and the animation itself.
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