Kate Elizabeth Social Media Trailer As part of my motion graphics module we were required to produce a logo animation or movie clip. I have created a short trailer that showcases a selection of my work and shows my logo.
I used Adobe After Effects to create this. To create the slide show of photographs I used key-framing. I also made each image '3D' to make it easier to manipulate. Here is a series of screen grabs depicting how I created the slide show.
Here are all the different keyframes. I mainly used the position tool. I used the keyframe assistant 'Easy Ease' to make all movements smoother.
Here are all the different layers of the slide show.
After creating the slide show I turned it into it's own composition in order for me to use it as footage. I then separately created a text composition of my logo (kate elizabeth) and turned the logo into a mask so that the slide show could be seen through the logo. I then manipulated the logo so that it would slowly reveal itself and then turn black and move to the top right corner. then I animated more text (digital art & photography) to reveal itself at the end. Here is all the elements of the trailer in After Effects.
The trailer again
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