'Pitch your Project' - Unna This was a group project where we had to come up with our own business and write a business plan and brand it. Almost like The Apprentice on the BBC. My group came up with the idea of a dessert takeaway app using the concept of Tinder. For those of you who don't know of Tinder, it is a picture based dating app where you choose to communicate with someone based on their photograph, if you want to get to know someone you swipe their picture one way, if you don't, you swipe the other way. So going along that hypothesis, with our app if you saw a picture of a dessert you wanted you would swipe one way to order it, if you didn't you would swipe the other way to keep looking for a dessert you did want. The name that we came up with, Unna, derives from the Swedish word for indulge. The branding was a group effort and the final logo was a combination of two designs, mine and another member of our group. Below are my design ideas for the logo.
Main logo design 1 Main logo design 2
With my designs I wanted to go for a very soft simplistic look. Something that clearly communicated what our business was about without being too over the top. I used Adobe Illustrator to create these designs.
Logo icon design 1
To the right here you can see the final design we went with for our logo.
One of our branding ideas was that we would use stamps on our packaging rather than printed packaging. Below is my 3D concept drawing of what our stamps might look like. I used Google Sketchup to create these.
One of our advertising ideas was to have giant photographs of desserts with our logo on them plastered on the sides of busses and on the underground. Below is my contribution to demonstrating that idea. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this. I take no credit for the dessert photograph.
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