Walk Cycle Also as part of my motion graphics module we were required to create a walk cycle. My walk cycle is incredibly simple nevertheless hopefully effective. I used the first few seconds of the song 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars as background music. I chose this song as I felt it had a good distinctive beat to create a walk cycle for.
I firstly drew the stick man in Adobe Photoshop making sure each body part was on a different layer.
I then imported it into Adobe After Effects. Once I did this I moved the anchor point of each body part so that the stick man would move more realistically.
I did this by using the 'pan behind tool'....
Once this was done all was left to do was get the stick man walking. To do this I used the rotation tool and keyframing, moving each body part every second or so. I used this walk cycle picture as a reference of where each body part should be when.
The walk cycle in keyframes The last thing to do was import the music. At this stage the head was pretty stationary so I decided to make the head bob along to the beat of the music. I did this by converting the music into keyframes then linking the head layer to those keyframes. I am pleased with my first attempt at a walk cycle and may try something more adventurous in the future. The walk cycle again
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